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Flims, August 2018. After eight successful years, the Transalp Waterline Tour will take place for the ninth time in 2018. Around 100 slackliners will showcase their spectacular sport over the most beautiful mountain lakes in Switzerland. An international field of participants, filled with numerous stars from the sport, will spend a weekend slacklining above the waters of Lake Cauma in Flims. In addition to several 100-metre-long slacklines, an art installation above the lake is also planned this year.

Traditionally, the end of the largest and oldest slackline festival in Switzerland, the Bern City Slack, marks the beginning of the Transalp Waterline Tour. Over the last eight years, the world’s best slackliners have taken on this challenge. As the name suggests, waterlines are suspended over water, so falling is not a punishment, but sometimes a reward for a hard-fought battle with gravity.

‘The difficult thing about waterlining is that the surface beneath the slacklines is moving. The line itself moves perfectly normally, but in the eyes of the slackliner, and thus also in their mind, it makes a great difference,’ explains Thomas Buckingham, president of Swiss Slackline and vice-president of the International Slackline Association (ISA). ‘It’s much more difficult to keep the body upright if the slackliner has the feeling in their mind that they are being swept away by the current or waves in the lake.

The Transalp Waterline Tour, which runs across Switzerland from Bern to Flims, enjoys an international reputation of being one of the most beautiful slackline festivals in the world. For example, Julian Mittermaier (24), from Germany, is one of the world’s top slackliners and has participated in the tour through Switzerland on two occasions. ‘The tour is without doubt a highlight in the annual slackline calendar, and I take part in it whenever I can. You get to meet the whole community there. There are always slackliners from all over the world coming to Switzerland for this. But the settings are fantastic, too. Flims, in particular, is an incredible place. You can suspend almost any length of lines over Lake Cauma. But what fascinates me most is the fog over the lake in early morning,’ he reveals.

The world record for slacklining over water has been broken multiple times in Flims in recent years. This year, the organisers are once again planning a number of waterlines over the lake ranging from 30 to 400 metres in length. We await in suspense.

– The Transalp Waterline Tour is a slackline tour through Switzerland for slackliners and water lovers.
– The tour will stop at Lake Cauma in Flims between 30 August and 2 September 2018.
– This year, the tour will take place for the ninth time at the traditional destinations of Bern, Sion and Flims.
– The tour is organised every year by Swiss Slackline, the Swiss slackline association.
– Slacklining is the act of balancing on a synthetic fibre line, above the most beautiful mountain lakes in Switzerland in the case of the waterline tour.