LAAX, 24 December 2018. For the fifth time in a row the snowboard legends and event hosts Nicolas Müller and Terje Haakonsen invite to celebrate the most original form of snowboarding during the Banked Slalom in LAAX.
A course plenty of bends will arise in harmony with nature. One turn after the other, back and forth, getting ever faster and more energetic, a truly majestic dance! Whether you want to take part yourself or simply experience the excitement, the SuddenRush Banked Slalom LAAX hosted by Terje Haakonsen & Nicolas Müller from 7 to 10 March 2019 will offer fun for all in the snow and lasting memories – a sustainable event. With more than 400 riders aged from five to sixty-five, taking to their boards, racing the banked turns, passing the finish line, the fastest one wins! Time it’s what counts. Good times at the SuddenRush Banked Slalom are guaranteed.


Look! A X-mas gift:
Online registration for this 5th anniversary event is open. All riders intending to race in the Banked Slalom should head over to to save a starting spot!

Event contact:, +41 81 927 7022
Media contact: Astrid Nehls, +41 79 9024215,