Laax, 26 June 2019. It took 26 hammocks to set a new world record. The world’s longest hammock chain was created at the Grauberg cable car in Laax on Sunday 23 July 2019. Over the course of four hours, brave acrobats performed across a length of 30 metres against the backdrop of the Sardona World Heritage Site. Since 29 June 2019, the world record is now accompanied by the longest highline in Switzerland and a mysterious art installation located above the lower Segnesboden.


Mission accomplished! With 26 hammocks and 30 people, the record set in Monte Piana in the Italian Dolomites in 2015 was broken. The previous record involved 26 people and 22 hammocks. In addition to the hammocks, acrobats were also involved in setting the new world record in Laax. Four acrobats put on performances with vertical hanging cloths and a ring.


The Grauberg cable car was the perfect location for the new world record thanks to the relatively flat suspension cable. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona was also involved and marked a spectacular background for the occasion. The world record was arranged by Ticket to the Moon, Swiss Slackline and Flims Laax Falera Management AG.


Art installation and highline event follow the world record

In honour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, an art installation has also been set up above the lower Segnesboden beside the waterfall. Artist and geologist Thomas Buckingham together with his team created a crystal made from hammocks, ropes and slacklines. This will be on show until 21 July 2019. The floating crystal was designed last year to mark the ten-year anniversary of the Sardona World Heritage Site and has already been suspended over Lake Cauma the year before as a test.


Longest highline in Switzerland

On the opening weekend, 29-30 June 2019, the longest highline in Switzerland was set up: 800 metres long, at a height of 200 metres above the Segnesboden. A highline is a standard slackline, but is set up at a great height. The world’s best highliners showed off their skills and venture onto the highline. It represents a ‘magic line’, running parallel to the world-famous Glarus thrust on the Tschingelhörner in the background. Spectators were able to watch the highliners using binoculars from the Segneshütte mountain lodge or the Grauberg cable car summit station. Short beginner slacklines were set up around the Segneshütte and the visitor pavilion for free use. GeoGuides were around, in addition to the artists and athletes, to answer all questions from hikers and visitors about the unique geology surrounding the site.


About the UNESCO Tectonic Arena Sardona

The Segnesboden are multiple award-winning alluvial plains, with a unique history, geomorphology and flora. Unlike anywhere else in the world, the Sardona mountain formation located here shows the effects of the continental plate shift and thus demonstrates the how the Alps were formed. To mark this geological phenomenon, UNESCO designated the Tectonic Arena as a natural World Heritage Site in 2008. The Tectonic Arena Sardona is now one of only three World Heritage Sites in Switzerland.