We at the WAG have set the goal of leaving the world better than we have found it. With all the measures we take to make your holiday even more eventful, we always have the respect for nature in view and do our best to deal with it as gently as possible.

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100% renewable energy and maximum energy efficiency: We are looking for ways to obtain and produce the entire energy consumption in a CO2-neutral manner. At the same time, we are trying to reduce our energy consumption steadily.

Zero Waste Recycling

Reduce, recycle, recycle. For not everything is endless. Since the 1970s, the amount of waste per capita has almost tripled and is today at over 700 kg per person per year. Our goal: to reduce the waste.

Maximum energy efficiency

We want to reduce our energy consumption in the long term. As a major consumer, we are also committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 2020. But our goal is to do more.


Part of our vision is to integrate renewable energies into our everyday mobility. A successful energy turnaround must cover all areas of energy production and energy consumption.

Flora and Fauna

Our animal and plant life is particularly important to us. Rare plants, animals and special landscapes need protection so that their biodiversity does not suffer. That is why we are committed to environmentally sustainable and sustainable tourism.