Greenstyle is the response of the Weisse Arena Group to the global challenges of climate change and biodiversity.


Our Vision

LAAX wishes to become the first self-sufficient alpine destination and cover 100% of its energy needs from climate-friendly, regional sources..

This vision covers the entire geographical area of Trin, Flims, Laax, Falera and Sagogn. To achieve this, the Weisse Arena Group is working to a seven-point plan. The aim is to transform the entire destination from a consumer to a producer of energy.

“Imagine transforming our destination from a consumer to a producer ” Ross Harding, Finding Infinity

The following calculations show that our vision is feasible:

The totel energy required by the destination is 280 GWh and the potential for energy production is estimated at 290 GWh. This already sounds promising. But it gets even better: through maximum energy efficiency the total energy demand of the destination is set to be reduced to 179 GWh.

Join us on our way to the Greenstyle sustainability goals 2023

Our demands:

Industry pioneer

Implementing solutions instead of discussing problems.


Transparency to promote the basis of trust.


The courage to change! To experiment, to inspire and to continuously develop.


“Save the world” – to have fun while doing it!


Our playground

Cable cars, slopes and rescue service - the rocksresort - 5 hotels and 22 restaurants & bar's - 7 rentals & shops - Ski and Snowboardschool - Mountain Vision AG (Marketing, Finance, HR,...)

Our people

We promote the community and involve guests, employees and engaged volunteers. Our aim is to inspire locally and globally through our greenstyle actions. Because together we can achieve more.

Our goals until 2023

    • Maximum energy efficiency: further reduction of energy consumption by 0.4GWh
    • 100% renewable energy - in addition to the 100% electricity from Swiss hydropower, we will be feeding up to 1GWh from our own solar/wind or water systems.
    • 100% Co2 reduction in our buildings by replacing all oil heating systems with climate-friendly systems.
    • 50% less residual waste: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! - Less packaging, reusable instead of disposable and additional plastic recycling.
    • Food & buying: Further reduction of unethical products with increasing transparency.
    • Mission Biodiversity: Near-natural infrastructure for new buildings and all renovations: Like green roofs, Bosco verticale, ecologically valuable plants and near-natural company premises.

Last Day Pass

The Vorab glacier is melting. We have to prevent this. Until 20 years ago, snowboarding and skiing summer camp still took place in mid-June, but nowadays this is no longer possible due to massive glacier melt. In the next 30 to 35 years, we can expect the glacier to be completely gone due to the effects of man-made global warming. We believe that it is worth fighting for this very special place and at the same time sending a signal to stop man-made climate change. That is why we have launched the “Last Day Pass Project”. Learn more here.





Since 2008, the Weisse Arena Group’s entire electricity requirements have been completely covered by Swiss hydroelectric power. In addition, we are continuously expanding our solar planels and we could also imagine a wind farm in the future.
Further infromation here.



Greenstyle Foundation

The Greenstyle Foundation is a non-profit organisation – a cooperation between the Weisse Arena Group, committed locals and companies from the destination Flims Laax Falera. We are dedicated to the preservation of our environment. The foundation was founded in 2016 and since then, the Weisse Arena Group has supported the foundation with numerous measures and activities to help raise the required funds we require to implement our vision.
Further information here.

Ecological construction supervision

The Weisse Arena Group invests every year in the development of the destination. Outdated chairlifts are replaced, landscape corrections are made for ski runs, snow-making equipment installed, bike trails are laid out and hiking trails are maintained. To this end, the group works closely with the environmental construction company. During the realisation of a construction project, the environmental construction supervisor is committed to environmental protection and implements measures to conserve natural habitats, ensures compliance with environmentally relevant legislation and ensures that replacement habitats are created.
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Saving Birds

Glass walls and windows pose the greatest danger to birds. That’s why we need to make them visible. Decorative stickers – as here in the Tegia Miez – significantly minimize the risk of collisions.



Wild Bee Paradise

In the rocksresort you may find the world’s first skateboarding snakerun with a integrated wild bee paradise, with over 70 different ecologically valuable flowers and nesting places for numerous insects.