The brands of the Weisse Arena Gruppe stand for unforgettable vacation experiences and a special way of life. Under the umbrella of the destination brands LAAX and Flims, there is a wide range of gastronomy, sports & entertainment brands that offer guests everything they need for an eventful vacation.

brand strategy of the

destination Flims Laax Falera

The Weisse Arena Gruppe markets the tourist offer of the destination Flims Laax Falera year round under the two brands Flims and LAAX. The Flims brand stands for hiking, culture and nature and is perceived as “quiet”. LAAX, on the other hand, stands for action, adventure and community and is associated with “loud”. This strategy reflects the tradition and history of the versatile destination Flims Laax Falera and uses authentic brand names related to the region.

The destination Flims Laax Falera originated from summer tourism, with the focus on Flims and Lake Cauma. Later on, the region developed into a top winter destination, with LAAX and Mt. Crap Sogn Gion forming the centre. In view of the increasing four-season-tourism, the destination offers a variety of products and activities to different target groups – both in winter and summer. This way, the potential of the destination is fully exploited.

This is where the new brand strategy comes in, which was implemented in spring 2019. It uses the strengths of the two brands Flims and LAAX year-round. In the destination Flims Laax Falera, different types of guests will find season-independent products and offers that meet their individual expectations and needs. This new brand strategy makes it possible to meet these needs and build two strong brands with a clear profile.


Using the brand LAAX, the Weisse Arena Gruppe positions “loud” offers of the destination Flims Laax Falera year-round. LAAX stands for action, adventure and community and conveys a young, dynamic lifestyle. LAAX offers skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers and skaters a wide range of offers and unforgettable experiences. Simplicity and service quality for the guest play a central role for this service brand.


“Quiet” offers of the destination Flims Laax Falera are promoted year-round with the brand Flims. Flims stands for hiking, culture and nature and offers hikers as well as culture and nature lovers a wide range of offers. These focus on natural beauties such as Lake Cauma, the Rhine Gorge or the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site Tektonikarena Sardona. The Flims brand stands for consciously perceiving impressions and the surroundings.

rocksresort stands for a new alpine lifestyle. With the modern architecture and an innovative concept, it meets aesthetic, ecological and economic demands. An authentic atmosphere, a comprehensive range of services with shops, restaurants, bars and everything you need for your holidays guarantee guests an unforgettable time in the destination. Thanks to the ski-in/ski-out location, winter pleasure for guests begins right at the doorstep. But also in summer it is the ideal starting point for active holidays in the Grisons mountains.

The signinahotel is part of the rocksresort. The design is modern and reduced to the essential. The use of natural materials and warm colours creates a pleasant atmosphere. The 4-star hotel provides service of the highest quality and also a multifunctional spa and health area.

Opened in December 2001, the Riders Hotel was the first hotel in the Alps to recognise the needs of young freestylers. From basic shared rooms to the Multimedia Suite, it offers the right facilities and ambiance for every price category. With its modern design (ingenious, functional and ecological at the same time), it has quickly made a name for itself as “the” hotel for snowboarders and freeskiers in the Alpine region. The Riders Hotel is also renowned far beyond the borders of Switzerland as an event location. Top internationals acts and promising newcomers appear on stage every season in the “Club”.


The Segneshütte, one of the oldest mountain huts in the region at an altitude of 2,100 m.a.s.l., is located in the middle of the Sardona Tectonic Arena on the lower Segnesboden. From the sun terrace you can admire the “Glarner Hauptüberschiebung” with the “Tschingelhörner” and the “Martinsloch”. On the other side of the valley there is a beautiful view of the Flimserstein, from which the great alpine landslide came down about 10’000 years ago.


The Mountain Hostel is located on Mt. Crap Sogn Gion at an altitude of 2,226 m.a.s.l. In just a few steps outside the door guests reach the slopes. The mountain hotel has 132 double- and 4-bed rooms and is ideal for families or groups. The house also includes the Capalari restaurant, known for traditional regional dishes such as Pizokel, Capuns and Gerstensuppe.


The Berghaus Nagens is located in the middle of the ski area on the Alp Nagens, with the ski slope directly in front of the front door. The comfortable double-, four-bed and multi-bed rooms can be booked with half-board. The Berghaus Nagens also includes a restaurant with a bar, as well as an organic or Finnish sauna.

freestyle academy

The Freestyle Academy is Europe’s first indoor freestyle arena. Over an area of 1000m², Weisse Arena Gruppe has created an attractive year-round facility for snowboarders, freeskiers, skaters and bikers. Families (with their junior freestyle acrobats) and professionals alike get their money’s worth here.

LAAX School

Unforgettable experiences in the mountains are guaranteed by the LAAX School. The instructors do not just provide tuition out of passion – with them you are able to get to know the expanse of the LAAX winter resort at first hand. Every instructor lesson brings a sense of achievement thanks to the tailored courses on offer for every age group and ability level.


LAAX RENTAL stands for freestyle. It guarantees more fun in the mountains and offers its guest increased levels of service and convenience. The shop offers everything free skier hearts could desire. Thanks to Europe’s largest selection of all-mountain and freestyle skis (2500 pairs) and 700 snowboards, there is the right rental equipment to suit everyone. Rental equipment can be exchanged free of charge at all depots on the mountain and down in the valley, and a total of 2132 seasonal depots are available at the Flims, Laax und Falera valley stations.

Burton store

The Burton Store is the snowboard shop of riders for riders, right at the valley station in Flims and in Laax. In the Burton Store, you don’t only buy a snowboard, here you will be thoroughly advised and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of snowboarding. Their offer combines hardware, fashion and lifestyle. In the summer, the team Burton Store specializes in everything related to bikes.

Valley Gastronomy

Various gastronomy establishments in the valley around the base stations of Flims and Laax are part of WAG. For example, the Piazza – cafedeli. The restaurant is located in the rocksresort and was renovated in 2015. The focus is on freshness, enjoyment, sustainability and good coffee. The food is homemade and seasonal, besides, many of the delicacies are vegetarian or vegan.

Mountain Gastronomy

The Weisse Arena Gruppe includes numerous restaurants on the mountain. The offer ranges from regional to refined cuisine, from snack to gourmet. Like in the Elephant. The restaurant with its unusual name is located at 2477 meters above sea level on Crap Masegn. Creative, fresh cuisine, such as the legendary penne from the Parmesan loaf, fish specialties and other culinary delights are served here.


With the magician Ami Sabi, the friend of the animals and the forest, your children go on an expedition to discover the secret of the magic forest with the Flimser rockfall or the petrified dragon of Falera.


The brand LAAX OPEN stands for the biggest and most important freestyle snowboarding event in Europe. The LAAX OPEN guarantees snowboarding at its best, including competitions in slopestyle and halfpipe for both, women and men. Music, parties and and maybe also pow complete the program to witness the lifestyle of LAAX in January. For more than two decades, LAAX has been hosting world-class freestyle events and has a huge knowledge of background, expertise and passion for the sport and its riders.