Shareholder Program

The shareholder programme of Weisse Arena AG offers many benefits. It is not only shareholders who benefit – their dependants do also.

Shareholders owning 75 or more shares in Weisse Arena AG enjoy a 10% reduction for themselves and their family on all Weisse Arena AG lift tickets at our ticket offices Flims, Laax and Falera, as well as on rentals in our Burton Store and LAAX Rental stations. Simply request your personal shareholder tickets.
If you own fewer than 75 shares, you and your relatives can transfer Weisse Arena AG shares to a single family member, and hence benefit from the reduction.

Free of charge safekeeping of shares

As a shareholder domiciled in Switzerland, you can also save money on your safe-custody charges and the cost for delivery of your certificates. As a shareholder in Weisse Arena AG, you have the option of keeping your shares at the company at no charge. A confirmation of the deposit is provided as documentary evidence.