Laax, 12th February 2021.The SuddenRush Banked Slalom in LAAX represents openness and sustainability. It is a cross-generational experience for all those who like to celebrate the most original snowboarding discipline, the Banked Slalom, together with like-minded people. That’s how it was in 2014 when LAAX, together with SuddenRush and snowboard legends Terje Haakonsen and Nicolas Müller, launched the event, and that’s how it still is today in February 2021.

However, the current starting point is different to back then. Due to the global pandemic and the governmental guidelines, a mixed event for amateurs and professionals will not receive cantonal approval.

Even so, it is exactly this mixture that has made this event so special since the beginning! Regardless of age or gender, whether you‘re tall, short, famous, young, experienced, an oldie but a goldie or even a race king, weekend cruiser, Olympic champion, park shredder, pipe rider or boardercross fan – the SuddenRush LAAX is open to EVERYONE! Over the course of the last six editions, the aptly named OPEN class has always received the most registrations. The OPEN category has also produced the day’s best times, leaving many pros baffled. In this respect, it is simply out of the question for the hosts to organise a SuddenRush Banked Slalom in LAAX for professional athletes only.


So there can be no SuddenRush Banked Slalom LAAX 2021 in the usual form. That being said, may everyone find their own banked turn on the originally scheduled weekend of the 5-7 March 2021! Be it in the winter sports resort LAAX, which has had a functioning COVID-19 safety concept since the start of the season, is currently in operation and offers perfect snow conditions, or be it elsewhere in the Alps or the worldwide mountains. Those who can’t find a way to master a banked turn in the snow can get creative indoors or outdoors, invent an alternative in the city, the garage, in the park. They can reminisce or actively look ahead by doing those dry runs in the living room or on the balcony in preparation for the many 2022 banked turns of the course on Crap Sogn Gion mountain.

#SuddenRushLAAX2021 is meant to be the digital platform for connecting LAAX Banked Riders! And there’s bound to be something to win too!




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