Laax, 5th March 2021.  Although when the SuddenRush Banked Slalom LAAX 2021 in the usual event form can’t happen due to pandemic restrictions, it’s Banked time. Now! Find your own banked turn on the originally scheduled weekend of the 5-7 March 2021, take a photo or make a video and post it on your social channel using #SuddenRushLAAX2021! The three most convincing ones win a starting slot including fee and tickets for 2022. All others will get a prize – such as Pally Hi beanies or doodah hip bags – following the event tradition that LAAX Banked riders are all winners.


Where to photograph your personalized banked turn?
Go to LAAX. The Swiss winter sports resort has a functioning COVID-19 safety concept since the start of the season and offers perfect snow conditions. Ride elsewhere in the Alps or in the worldwide mountains exploring natural banked curves.


Isn’t there any possibility for you to master a banked turn in the snow?
No problem. Get creative indoors or outdoors.
Invent an alternative in the city, the garage, in the park. Surf the sea, the skate bowl, the trail.
Wallow in memories finding crazy stuff to share.
Or took actively ahead by doing those dry runs in the living room or on the balcony in preparation for the many 2022 banked turns of the course on Crap Sogn Gion mountain.


We are Banked Riders!


@LAAX @snowparkLAAX @suddenrush_guarana


THANKS for your support.
We wish you a great BANKED weekend, wherever you are.


Media materials
Attached media materials are for editorial purposes (print, online, social) naming the credits (Mueller, Ruggli, LAAX). Further images with action of selected banked turns in LAAX 2019 & 2020 can be downloaded here:


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