Pro kicker line extension in the Curnius snowpark

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Length of Kickers

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LAAX is like no other destination in the Alpine region for freestyle. The four snowparks are an important sign of the region. With the opening of the new Pro-Kicker line at the Snowpark Curnius, both young athletes and professional teams will find a training facility that can not be found anywhere else in Europe.

The new Pro-Kicker-Line has a total length of 600 meters, with four kickers (jumps) with a length of approximately 20 to 30 meters and with landing areas of 30 to 60 meters. Freestylers know of dimensions of this kind only from competitions like the X-Games in the USA. In order to be able to offer the ProKicker line already in December, LAAX has implemented a unique project so far: by means of a terrain correction, jumps were formed, which greatly reduces the effort by machine snowmaking and preparation to start the winter season.

About the snowpark and freestyle infrastructure in LAAX

A total of four snowparks as well as a super- and a mini-pipe (starting from January) freestylers find in LAAX and there is something for every skill level. The snowpark beginner with his little kickers (jumps) and the simple obstacles (obstacles) is exactly right for all who want to slowly approach the freestyle tricks. Right next to it, the snowpark Ils Plauns with a length of 550 meters and kickers as well as obstacles in medium size can be found. For nerve kitzel also the superpipe in the Snowpark NoName. If you want to have a break in between, the Café NoName is the right place. Here freestylers enjoy the best latte macchiato at over 2000 meters and unobstructed view of the snowparks below the Crap Sogn Gions. Also particularly popular is the freestyle slope of the Snowpark Curnius. On a length of 1000 meters you will find rails, boxes, kicker and many other obstacles of different sizes – there is something for every taste and every level. If you want to go further after the park action, go to the Freestyle Academy at the valley station Laax. The 1000 square meter indoor base with four trampolines, a kicker facility, a spacious skate area and a boulder wall offers not only lots of fun, but also perfect conditions to train freestyle tricks, body tension and orientation.