The Weisse Arena Gruppe stands for boldness, fun, team spirit and respect and is pure and consistent. Our mission is derived from these values:

Together we create mountain experiences for active people with an urge to explore.

Boldness is the key to change.

We let our boldness shine through. This is because only the bold take new, innovative paths that lead to new, innovative destinations. We believe in our creativity and in our energy, and so we leave the old, well-trodden paths. Looking ahead to the future, we constantly aspire to create change. We consciously take risks, we make decisions and we are not afraid of failure.

Fun is our motivation

We take pleasure in what we do. We have fun doing our work – that’s quality of life. We stimulate our guests with our passion. Our laughter is infectious; our joy is passed on to our guests.

Team spirit speeds up progress

We are a team. We talk to each another. We show our strengths, but also our weaknesses. This is how we learn the best way to complement one another. We work hand in hand, because we know and feel that this is how we will achieve our goals. We put the greater good above individual interests..

Respect enhances the dialogue

We respect each other. Regardless of position, we deal with one another on an equal footing. We speak the same language, so that we will understand. We listen carefully and try to understand each other. We seek out this engagement because it brings with it a sense of achievement. Integrity, fairness and honesty mean a lot to us. We show respect for our environment and for the equipment we work with.

Pure – focusing on the most important things

We seek out the essentials and implement them. In every sense, we put things in order. We strive for simplicity and clarity, in what we think as well as in what we do. We pursue a goal and never let it out of our sight. We are genuine.

Consistency brings success

We act in a consistent manner. We don’t do things by halves. We know that only with discipline and total commitment will we be able to achieve what we want to achieve. We are conscientious, but not obstinate.
We are dependable, but not stubborn. In a nutshell, we are focused and dedicated, while still managing to be laid-back.